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Your Time To Shine

Your Wedding Day belongs to you. The day is yours.

This is one of few days in your life that you can plan the details and make the choices that set this day apart as special to you and your significant other for the rest of your lives. The best part is nobody is going to argue with you!

There are fantastic ways to surprise your soon to be spouse and your guests! Here are a few ways others have pulled off a surprise at their wedding.

Write your own vows. It seems cliche seeing as to how it is shown in almost every romantic comedy movie ever made, however in real life it happens a lot less frequently than you’d think.

Make sure you keep it hush and prepare some more common vows for the rehearsal so that way you can make sure to really surprise them when you express in your way how much this commitment means to you. One bride decided to perform for her husband by doing a Beyonce routine! Imagine his expression as he was completely oblivious that this was going to happen.

A Marine surprised his sister by showing up unexpectedly at her wedding; he was granted leave to attend. Guys FootballHave your beloved’s friends and family wear something in his or her favorite color. If they have a special hobby or favorite sport you could find some way to play that up as well. You could hire an entertainer to perform a special song that would forever be your song. Arrange for a boudoir photography session for some extra steamy photos of yourself for your spouse. This is pretty much a guaranteed bulls-eye!

There are no end to the ideas of ways to make this day the most special day ever. You have the power over this day. Use it responsibly! The Celebration Hall has a staff of professionals who will work hard to help you make this event the time of your life. 30ASuites

Our venue is one of a kind and there is a equally unique boutique hotel located conveniently nearby for all your guests needs with 30A Suites. Let us help you make this day a lasting memory.
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