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Why have a Wedding Ceremony?

In our society today many couples are living together and simply don’t see the need to make their union official with a marriage license, let alone a Wedding. Weddings are expensive, they might say, who needs a piece of paper to validate our love? There’s so much to do at a wedding, that’s money we could spend somewhere else, so why bother. There may be some validity to the argument. However, there are numerous reasons why have a wedding ceremony. Getting married is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime. You hope, even amidst alarming divorce statistics that your marriage will last and you won’t have to do it again.

When we marry someone we are also marrying their family and friends.

We are making a statement that we are blending two lives together officially, and if that is not a reason to celebrate publicly, what is? The wedding celebration is a positive life event. If you don’t do it will you spend the rest of your life thinking that you should have? As you begin this journey of planning a wedding there will be many decisions to make. There will likely be moments when you will want to pull your hair out and scream. There will be rewards though, there will be joy in the faces of your family and friends that you will share like no other day in your life. Marry your chosen one in a ceremony that will bond you together as you start your journey through life together. Celebration Hall is the perfect venue for your wedding, reception, dinners, etc., We are here to help you make a lasting memory of your union.

Have your day, your way, at Celebration Hall.

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