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Who Is Sitting Where?

When Spring hits and the weather gets warmer we tend to see a lot more weddings going on!

We have a full staff of experienced professionals that know a thing or two about weddings and celebrations. The best part of it is that we’re here to help you plan your special day and take over the stress so you can try to enjoy the adventure as best as you can. One of the things that we’ve seen fall through the cracks before and not get proper attention is the seating arrangement. Celebration Hall realizes this is very important and we’ve helped field this question numerous times. Who sits where? How will I set the arrangement? Celebration Hall is sharing a quick guide to help you get an idea or a jump start on the seating chart for the big day. This will answer those questions and give you an organized list and guarantees everyone will be happy. Celebration Hall can take over from here if you’d like and plan the most absolutely perfect day for you and your partner.  

Find the perfect tool to help you organize your seating chart

86 the traditional pen, markers and paper seating chart guide. Welcome to the modern world! You can access a easy and free online guide to help you create the masterpiece of all seating charts. Easily change, add and delete whatever you need without the mess of having to redo the entire thing. For some gorgeous ideas for the seating chart you can use at your wedding check out  

Round tables? Square tables?

You’ll need to decide the style and shape of the tables you want before you can create a seating chart. Tables that seat around 8 guests are the most common, but if you want to set apart from the rest you can have unique custom tables that are long and seat over 10. This will “wow” your guests and make your wedding that much more special.  

Deciding who your VIP guests will be

Of course your wedding party should sit together but if you choose to not sit with your immediate family it’s polite to ask where they would like to be placed and who they will sit next to. This is just to ensure all your VIP and bridesmaid/groomsmen are happy and comfortable.  

Pay attention to small details too

Remember to keep in mind that children should always be seated with their parents and that elderly people shouldn’t be seated too close to the loud music. Also, you may not have thought about this but try to place your single friends with other single people instead of seating single people at a table full of married couples, unless they know the couples on a personal level.

These are only tips/advice that can help you get the seating chart underway. This isn’t a comprehensive list.Celebration Hall Weddings in Destin

If you’re ready to let Celebration Hall take over and plan your big magical day please contact us today. We can’t wait to hear all about your engagement and start planning your dream wedding! Email is the best way to reach us the with most responses coming in about a day or you may call us at 850-499-2652.