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Warming Up for Spring Celebrations

Longer and brighter days are here now that springtime is upon us!

The Celebration Hall is bustling with activity as happy events are being planned and booked.  We are excited for spring to arrive at The Celebration Hall. Spring represents a time of rebirth and beauty.  With the spring we see flowers blooming, trees budding, grass turning greener.

What a perfect time for a wedding!

The Celebration Hall is more than just for weddings, though.  We have many events and celebrations here.  If you are planning a Bar Mitzvah, Anniversary Party, Birthday Celebration, Employee Recognition or other gathering we are ready to help you make the event a success. Time is of the essence though, so don’t delay as many brides will be booking their weddings here over the course of the spring and summer as is always the case.

Start planning and make the call to book the hall!!

There are so many amazing ways to celebrate a special event.  You can throw a theme party and have everyone dress accordingly.  Let’s say you decided to celebrate a 50th birthday for your spouse by throwing a Western theme event.  You can plan a Western themed menu and serve Beef Brisket BBQ, Potato Wedges, Western Baked Beans and Corn Bread. For decoration and snacking, fill metal buckets with salted peanuts in the shell and allow guests to scatter the shells around.  Decorate with stacks of hay for people to sit on.  Have everyone wear cowboy hats, boots and such.  Even your music can have a Western theme to it.  Square dancing and western line dancing for even more fun.

The possibilities are endless.  Let our trained staff assist you in planning and working out details.