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What Do You Want Out of YOUR Wedding Day?

Think about it. Don’t let anyone else persuade you in a different direction, what do YOU want?

If you are looking for the destination beach wedding, we are the Hall for you. The Celebration Hall is located right next to the beautiful emerald coast and pristine white sands that glisten and sparkle in photographs. The right time of year and the right colors will create a magical day and memories forever. We, at The Celebration Hall, understand the frustrations behind wedding planning. Some think, “how can planning a wedding be so stressful, it sounds great to me!” Well, of course the IDEA of a wedding sounds fabulous but putting it together and pleasing everyone can be a difficult task.

Let us take the weight and pressure off your shoulders and assist you in the planning the most memorable day in your life.

The beach weddings are so elegant when they are simple and sweet. Exotic flowers, bright colors that bounce off the white sand, doves, flowing lace; we can do it all! We also have a gorgeous, breathtaking hall that so naturally and beautifully encompasses the celebration and union of marriage with all its glory. The Hall enhances the emotions and significance behind the ceremony; we have built the perfect Hall. One of the greatest parts in choosing US as your wedding planner and hall is that we have overnight accommodations for you, the bridal party and guests nearby at the 30-A Suites. We desired to be the first place in the Santa Rosa Beach area that could offer events and accommodations in the same spot. We like to think we are doing a favor to you and the community preventing drinking and driving and an empty wallet from taxi’s and hotels. So think about it. What do YOU really want out of your wedding day? If you are seriously starting to plan, just give us a call and see your options! We are sure to have the right package for you.

After all, a wedding is nothing without a happy bride behind it! Call 850-499-2652 NOW!