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Unexpected Wedding Expenses

Wedding expenses you might have forgot about…

Now, you won’t! Make sure you are fully prepared with your budget/expenses When you first make your budget you factor in the most lavish of items like your dress, cake, venue which Celebration Hall offers a beautiful one, and of course your reception. Don’t forget about the smaller yet still pricey lists of items that need to be taken care of to ensure you have one perfectly magical day! Celebration Hall is here to not only offer you a gorgeous venue but help with planning any detail of your big day. We love to make the bride happy and your budget encompass all of your ideas.


Yes, postage. Didn’t consider this huh? Well, depending on the size of your wedding party and how bulky your invitations are postage can become a bit expensive. This can add up quickly so make sure you are factoring this in and know what type of invitations you would like to create. Don’t forget Celebration Hall is here to help and take some of the stress away.


When you first receive your gown it might fit perfectly. Factor in alterations which can surprisingly add up to a small fortune. If purchasing a sample gown, additional altering is usually a given.

Bridesmaid, Groomsmen and Parents’ Gifts

These gifts don’t need to be super expensive but you want to make them sentimental. If your event has a large wedding party, gifts can add up! Keep this in mind when planning your budget.

Rentals, Rentals and more Rentals!

Unless you have 200 chairs stored in your garage, rental items will be needed to accommodate your guests. Celebration Hall can provide items like linens, glassware, flatware and tables. This might sound overwhelming, we are here to take that worry away. This is the most exciting time of your life and soon you will officially become Mr. & Mrs.

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