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The True Meaning Behind Love

What’s Love Got To Do With It?


L – Loyalty

O – Open Arms; always, no matter what

V – Volunteer to help one another

E – Expect nothing other than the truth in its entirety

Partners must be loyal to each other in order to remain in love. They must accept one another with open arms, always, no matter what. Denying one another is wrong, no matter the case. The couple should always volunteer to help one another with their tasks; taking interest in your partner’s life is very important. Your significant other wants to know that you care and are interested in them and what they do. Expecting nothing other than the truth in its entirety. Each person has to know what and who they are getting into this marriage with. You accept your partner as a whole, for everything he or she is, or it will not work.

The Celebration Hall takes joyous pride in hosting a couple’s marriage ceremony

We approach each event individually so that all events are unique in their own way that represents the couple and their bond. We take time to get to truly know you, as well, to understand what you are really trying to share with your guests and each other. What do you want to share with the world about your love and commitment to one another? Let us help you capture all the important aspects of your big day that other halls just can’t compare with. It’s all about individuality and personal desires. Contact us today to start planning your big day!

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