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4 Things to Know Before Deciding on Wedding Vendors

Don’t panic! Read these tips before making any final decisions and booking vendors.   Celebration Hall wants to share some of our best advice for creating the wedding of your dreams. We live and breathe weddings, parties and special occasions. We are experts and want to ensure that you are blown away on your big day. A girl only gets married once and that day needs to be magical. Celebration Hall is here to help. Our venue is absolutely gorgeous first of all. It’s located on scenic 30A in Santa Rosa Beach. This area is known for some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world and our venue matches perfectly with it’s stunning surroundings. Come at take a peek for yourself. We would love to meet you and take over planning your wedding.  

In the meantime, to make sure you choose the perfect match of vendors follow these simple guidelines:

  Budget This is one of the very first steps in planning your wedding. The budget is one of the most important aspects also because it sets the guide for all the important decisions. Whoever might be helping pay for the wedding you all need to sit down and decide the best amount to spend and who is paying for what before any major planning occurs.   Guest Count Having a set in stone guest count isn’t important at the early stages but having a fair estimate is so the vendors have an idea. This is crucial for table settings, drinks, tables and chairs.   Wedding Date You can’t book a vendor without knowing the big day’s date. This needs to be near the top of the list next along side the budget. Make sure you choose a date fit perfect for your theme, weather and guests. This is one of the most exciting details!   The “Where” Well, this is an easy one. Celebration Hall is where your weddings needs to be. It’s in the gorgeous setting of 30A which is popular worldwide. Santa Rosa Beach is filled with amazing views and settings. Our Hall is decorated perfectly to pair with the beach just waiting to be played on down the street. Come take a tour we would love to show you around.   Contact Celebration Hall today. We look forward to helping you achieve the most magical day a girl could dream of.   Email is the best way to reach us or you can call