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The One Who Truly Accepts You

You Take Me The Way I Am

In the words of an inspiring artist, Ingrid Michaelson, “You take me the way I am.” To us, here at The Celebration Hall, this quote represents marriage and commitment to the fullest. If it is one thing we have discovered through joining couples in matrimony is that the most important aspect of a marriage is to fully accept one another for who they truly are. When you can accept someone for all their “faults,” (which are really just things that annoy you!) then you accept them as a whole being and nothing can get in the way of your bond.

When you choose to accept someone, despite their annoying habits or bad past, you choose to fully know and understand that person entirely. There suddenly becomes no secrets and you know the person in and out.

If You Are Lucky Enough To Find This, Keep It

Too many people let the little “faults” get in the way of just truly letting loose and being happy. At the end of the day, what truly matters is not what action that person did to make you upset. Instead, what truly matters is that you lie beside someone who knows you better than you do yourself sometimes.

What matters is that he or she is here or there with you and only you and they desire no one else. What matters is that this person accepts you for every little perfect imperfection because they love you for you and nothing else. When it is time to start planning your big day with the one that takes you the way you are, please, contact us here at The Celebration Hall.

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