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Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

Top Four Reasons Why

You’ve been dreaming of your big day for as long as you can remember and now you are engaged and it’s time to start planning. We here at Celebration Hall are here to help. There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding and trust me if you want everything to go smoothly and perfect hiring us would be the first step you need to take. No bride deserves to be overwhelmed or stressed out. Let us take that off your hands. Our services have all the experts and contacts to make your big day completely seamless.


A lot of meetings and scheduling occur doing wedding planning. We know the industry and we have the knowledge and skills to schedule accordingly and make sure you receive all the services and products you want.

Familiar with Local Area

Celebration Hall is very familiar with the Emerald Coast and it’s always important to hire someone who is knowledgeable of the surrounding areas where your wedding will take place. Celebration Hall’s venue is located in Santa Rosa Beach. It offers a gorgeous European style Hall or the beautiful beach scene.

If you have a budget

If you are working on a budget then having a wedding planner will ensure you don’t break your bank. We will respect what price you have set and keep that in mind when planning your wedding. We will stretch your dollar as far as it goes. It may seem counteractive to hire a wedding planner on a budget, but it will help in the long run especially with being strict with the budget.

You’re just that into something

Don’t panic if you don’t like something or it isn’t going as you hoped. Hiring a wedding planner will ease your mind. The wedding planner will get to know you before and understand your taste and preferences and make it all happen. If there is something you don’t want to participate in, that’s okay too. We take care of every detail that goes into planning the big day. Celebration Hall is here to make your magical day a dream come true. Let us take the stress of planning a wedding off your hands so you can enjoy your engagement. Email is the best way to reach us thecelebrationhall@gmail.com or you can call us at 850-499-2652