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Falling in Love with Celebration Hall

Are You Ready to Commit?

So, you are thinking about getting married and running into problems on every side except your love? Decisions, decisions, why so many decisions and choices? Are you starting to think you should just grab your significant other and elope? Plenty of people do that. Let’s talk about what that really means. To elope means to “run” off secretly and forego the big wedding. The idea sounds a little romantic when you consider sneaking away in the middle of the night to just “do it.” No hassles. Tempting as it may be if you are considering this option be sure to think through what it really means to “elope.” For one, you will be alone as a couple, no mom, dad, friends or family to share in your joy, witness your vows or celebrate with you. In fact, you may likely encounter some very disappointed people if you choose this route. Secondly, most people who secretly run off and elope don’t dress up for their wedding. Throw away the thoughts of a beautiful white wedding gown and elegant tuxedo. Picture yourselves in yesterday’s blue jeans in a stuffy court room. (Sound glamorous?) Imagine yourself explaining to your daughter in the future why you have no wedding pictures to show her or no wedding dress to pass down.

The Commitment is Deeper Than You Might Imagine

Before you decide to choose this what appears to be a romantic climax for you and your significant other remember this is one of those life decisions that will stick. Once you have done this you won’t likely ever have the wedding of your dreams unless you divorce and remarry! As many decisions you have to make, as much money as you may spend there is NOTHING that compares to the dream wedding. Take that into consideration when you are planning your nuptials. Of course, The Celebration Hall believes you should choose to have your wedding here and make it the most special time of your life ever. Talk to one of our trained professionals before making the final decision to elope. Let us help you make this day a lasting memory. The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. Feel free to give us a call as well! Phone:850-499-2652 Email: photo credit: BůřpSÉäN™ via photopin cc