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As Unique As You

Weddings Are A Huge Deal.

This is not breaking news in the least. You are giving your heart and pledging your life to someone. Like all special events in your life, you want yours to be magical and memorable for everybody, especially yourself. This day is about you and you want it to be a dream come true!

IMG_6145With that said there are so many options to make your wedding memorable and reflect who you are!

There are special touches you can add to make yours unique. Everyone cherishes the special touches, especially if it’s specialized memorabilia or keepsakes that they can take home. Some of our favorites included: Wedding Website – A wedding is a carefully choreographed machine that requires communication and collaboration. If one detail gets changed it can be a nightmare to try and inform everyone of what’s going on. This is a great way to add your personality to your wedding while also keeping everybody in the loop of what’s going on. Also great to add pictures. Postcards – These can be very unique and can be customized quite easily. You can add pictures of you and your sweetheart to your “Save The Date” card along with the date and a special note. Everyone loves these, especially with how easy they are to save in scrapbooks and albums. Stationery – You can go totally bonkers here. You can theme out everything from menus, programs, seating charts, thank you cards, invitations, place cards, etc. The level of creativity you can add here is staggering to the mind. Keep it all in one theme or personalize each part to your liking. The choice is yours! beach-wedding-frontThese are just a few ideas based on what we’ve seen here at The Celebration Hall. We’re located about a mile away from the most beautiful beaches you’ve seen in Santa Rosa Beach. We can host your entire ceremony and/or reception on the beaches or at our location. We are also located near 30A Suites which is often used by the honeymooning couples or guests of the wedding! This makes everything convenient and close by making it easier to focus on your big day and allowing everybody to celebrate safely! Best way to reach us is by e-mail at with most responses coming in about a day. You can also call us at 850-499-2652