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The Princess Bride

What is it about little girls and princesses? Have you ever seen a child as they play and imagine themselves as a princess? Some little girls have the whole setup for this; the Cinderella dresses, the crowns, play heels, and the colorful dolls. And what are these little girls often imagining in their "dress-up" play?…
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Have No Fear Celebration Hall is Here

Take Heart, We Still Have Openings Here At The Celebration Hall For Short Notice. Beach weddings are beautiful, everyone loves them, the nice part of The Celebration Hall is we can be your backup plan for situations such as the one developing. We are located in beautiful Santa Rosa beach just a mile or so…
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Did You Say You Want to Get Married on a Tuesday?

There seems to be a trend suddenly for an unusual wedding date this year. This is a rare date that falls on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 which translates 11/12/13. Bride and Grooms are known to pick dates that they hope to prove lucky, this is one such date. There is more to this idea than…
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