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Everything about the wedding seems to center around the Bride.

So What’s a Groom to Do? Poor fellas, seems all the groom has to do is show up and say I do and he’s done, right? Not so, there is actually a lot for the groom to do to prepare for the big day. For both the bride and groom it is essential to know what the budget for the wedding will be.

This is one topic that needs the involvement and input from both of you.

This is big stuff. During this budgeting process the bride and the groom need to agree on how many and whom to invite to the wedding. Once the engagement is set, the groom purchases the engagement ring and usually makes the choice of wedding rings for the couple, this is an individual choice, however. Typically, the groom is responsible for obtaining the marriage license requirements and getting everything ready for making the marriage official. The groom picks his best man and groomsmen.

The tuxedos or suits are usually selected at this point as well as being fitted, etc. The family of the groom is also usually responsible for a rehearsal dinner if that is determined after the rehearsal. The full cost is typically paid by the family of the groom. The groom should also be arranging transportation to and from the wedding, renting limousines, etc., if that is the choice method. The Celebration Hall is the perfect venue for your wedding and or reception.

We look forward to helping you celebrate this big day of your life. The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. Feel free to give us a call as well! Email: Phone: 850-499-2652

Wedding Blog

Queen Victoria wore a white satin and lace gown when she married Prince Albert in 1840.

Since then, white wedding dresses and bridal bouquets have been a top choice for weddings. Symbolizing virginity and purity, white is the most popular flower color for wedding arrangements. Simple, yet elegant, graceful and refined beauty is found in white. While the white dress is traditional, what color you wear is your choice as well as how you choose the colors of other items in your wedding. In Eastern cultures red is worn to symbolize auspiciousness and good luck. Auspiciousness is a promise of future success and happiness and prosperity. Red is a color of power and strength, the same colors of blood and fire. Although not a traditional wedding gown choice, red is often used in floral arrangements and other accentual ways. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue is the popular adage in wedding planning.
  • Blue is a very popular choice as the varying shades of blue can range from bold and dark to soft and pastel hues. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, and stands for tranquility, calmness and stability.
  • Green is the color of grass, spring leaves and growing plants, green is a color that symbolizes new beginnings, new growth and nature.
  • Yellow symbolizes warmth and optimism; cheerful hues of yellow are often used in summer weddings celebrations.
  • Purple is a symbol of royalty, wealth and nobility. Orange is a color of warmth and energy, yet not overpowering.
Your wedding is your day and the choices are yours. Choose Celebration Hall in Santa Rosa Beach, One of the best ways to get ahold of us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. However, feel free to give us a call as well. Email: Phone: 850-499-2652 Address: 61 Topsail Village Drive, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 Our office is across the street from the Hall, at 64 Topsail Village Drive.

Wedding Blog

Stars shining bright above you, Night breezes seem to whisper “I love you”

Birds singing in the sycamore tree, Dream a little dream of me.

This popular song by Mama Cass from the 60’s describes a perfect image of that perfect evening sky and the perfect dream of love and happiness. That dream can become a reality.

The Celebration Hall in Destin is the venue where dreams do come true.

We are proud to play a part in fulfilling the dream that little girls dream. The beautiful wedding, the dream come true. Dream weddings are big now. So big there are reality shows coming on showing brides trying on dresses, picking out lavish wedding cakes, capturing the emotions and the realities brides to be and their partners face. Reality can shatter dreams, though. So we want to keep the dream alive. We at The Celebration Hall in Destin want to dare you to continue to dream no matter what is going on in your life that may drag you down and attempt to squash your dreams. Start planning now, even if you haven’t met your significant other yet you will and you will be ready to fulfill that dream.

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow, don’t stop, it’ll soon be here.

Fleetwood Mac’s song Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow is right on! Keep the dream alive for your dream wedding. Dream a Little Dream. Let The Celebration Hall help you fulfill that dream. Stars shining bright above you, dream a little dream. The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. Feel free to give us a call as well! Email: Phone: 850-499-2652

Wedding Blog
On your special day there are going to be guests you may not have seen for years and may not see again for many years to come. With that in mind, consider adding your own special touches to the day.

There are some very creative ideas that will enhance your wedding day.

What season of the year are you getting married in? If the fall, consider using fall colors in your decorating themes. Make flower arrangements using warm orange, bursts of yellow and fall red in centerpieces on tables, glass bowls with floating candles or flowers make beautiful arrangements. Scatter leaf shaped decorations on the food table and spread the theme of your wedding into all aspects of your decorating. Use place cards in the shape of leaves on tables steering guests to their seats. Having a beach wedding or a beach theme? Use seashells as place card holders. Small pails filled with colored sand to match your theme colors make cute decorations for tables or use them for favors for guests to take home. Fill with candies, chocolate shells, etc., for both a unique decoration and take home treat. Special wedding favors unique to your theme for guests to take home are another way to add special touch. Consider having matchbooks with bride and groom names and the date of the wedding on them for guests. Wine glass charms are another unique way you can share with your guests. Inexpensive stemware and wine charms can be purchased online in bulk very reasonably or check places like Pottery Barn, Old Time Pottery, etc. The ideas are plenteous. Make the most of your day by planning ahead and pick a special venue for your special day. The Celebration Hall is just that special venue. Let us help make your day the most memorable ever. The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. Feel free to give us a call as well! Email: Phone:850-499-2652