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Queen Victoria wore a white satin and lace gown when she married Prince Albert in 1840.

Since then, white wedding dresses and bridal bouquets have been a top choice for weddings. Symbolizing virginity and purity, white is the most popular flower color for wedding arrangements. Simple, yet elegant, graceful and refined beauty is found in white. While the white dress is traditional, what color you wear is your choice as well as how you choose the colors of other items in your wedding. In Eastern cultures red is worn to symbolize auspiciousness and good luck. Auspiciousness is a promise of future success and happiness and prosperity. Red is a color of power and strength, the same colors of blood and fire. Although not a traditional wedding gown choice, red is often used in floral arrangements and other accentual ways. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue is the popular adage in wedding planning.
  • Blue is a very popular choice as the varying shades of blue can range from bold and dark to soft and pastel hues. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, and stands for tranquility, calmness and stability.
  • Green is the color of grass, spring leaves and growing plants, green is a color that symbolizes new beginnings, new growth and nature.
  • Yellow symbolizes warmth and optimism; cheerful hues of yellow are often used in summer weddings celebrations.
  • Purple is a symbol of royalty, wealth and nobility. Orange is a color of warmth and energy, yet not overpowering.
Your wedding is your day and the choices are yours. Choose Celebration Hall in Santa Rosa Beach, One of the best ways to get ahold of us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. However, feel free to give us a call as well. Email: Phone: 850-499-2652 Address: 61 Topsail Village Drive, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 Our office is across the street from the Hall, at 64 Topsail Village Drive.

Wedding Blog

There is nothing quite as memorable as the sight of a beautiful bride and handsome groom holding hands, standing in sugary white sand exchanging vows with the view of the emerald green Gulf of Mexico behind them.

Guests are happy to share in the celebration, dress for this occasion can be simple and comfortable; the bride and groom may even be barefoot.

Given the nature of time and chance there is much to be said for having a backup plan in the event of the unpredictability of the weather. For the superstitious bride and groom, rain on your wedding day is a sign of good fortune!

Celebration Hall in Santa Rosa Beach is ready, willing and more than able to be there for you in the event of an unplanned rain storm. Celebration Hall is just minutes from the beach.

You can plan your wedding at the beach and use Celebration Hall as a backup in the event of rain.

You can also have your beach wedding as planned and return to us for the reception.

Whatever the case, beach weddings are very popular. It is very hard to think of everything that could possibly go wrong when you are in the planning process.

Start now, the average wedding takes about fourteen months to plan. This is not to say you can’t plan in a shorter amount of time but planning is crucial!

Once you make the decision to have your wedding on the beach, be sure to give contact us so we can help you get started to the most phenomenal day of your life.

The best way to reach us is via email, with most responded to in about a day.

Feel free to give us a call as well!

Email: Phone: 850-499-2652


Wedding Blog

One of the most significant decisions we will make in life is about getting married.

Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart, and the joy in a heart.  ~ Anonymous ~

Ideally, we will choose one person and have one marriage in our lifetime.

A public declaration of your love for another person in front of friends and family in a beautiful ceremony seals the deal more than living together long term, signing your commitment to another as nothing else can do.

Marriage gives a couple a solid foundation from which to build a life.

The life you build together belongs to you and your chosen one. Friends, family, coworkers are all part of your life but this life, this life together belongs to you and your spouse.

Today is a special day where all my hopes and dreams come true. Today is the day that I am to marry you.~ Anonymous ~

As a team, you will face challenges and obstacles. As a team you will experience joy and fulfillment, peace and contentment.

As this most important choice of your life has been made and determined there will be countless other choices to make.

Remember, your wedding is about love. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love never fails.

Where will your love take you? Where will you make that public promise and commitment to your chosen one?

There’s a place like no other to celebrate your love. Celebration Hall is the newest wedding and event venue on Scenic 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Email: Phone: 850-499-2652 Address: 61 Topsail Village Drive, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459


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The Celebration Hall is not just the place for your wedding and reception. We host a wide array of celebrations and we have the place for yours. There are simple ways to make sure you have a successful celebration. Plan ahead. Plan ahead. Plan ahead…Did we say plan ahead? Ensure you have enough of everything by planning for how many people you will have. There is nothing worse than running out of food or beverages because you didn’t estimate how many people you were hosting. Use your imagination. There are some great ideas for theme parties to celebrate your anniversary, birthdays, work parties, etc. If you love Mexican food, for example, throw a Mexican themed bash complete with Mariachi band! Your guests will love it and everyone will walk away with great memories. Other themes for decorating such as a tropical island theme, winter wonderland, etc. are truly fun and offer so many great ideas.

Set Your Budget And Stick To It!

Talk to one of our experienced staff members here at The Celebration Hall. Discuss your ideas and get suggestions from our staff. We can share ideas with you, recommend local caterers from our approved list, describe what rentals we have available, etc . Come by and tour The Celebration Hall and check out all we have to offer. View our beautifully landscaped lawns for outdoor events and celebrations. Check out the chapel, the vaulted ceilings, the beautiful elegant decor. Truly your event will be memorable just by hosting it here! Call us for more information. The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. Feel free to give us a call as well! Email: Phone:850-499-2652