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5 Things You Should NEVER Say to Your Bridesmaids

Celebration Hall understands that the Bride is and always will be the center of attention. It is your day and one that will go down in the family album for years to come.

However, that doesn’t give you a free pass to be downright evil to your bridal party. Your bridesmaids aren’t your servants, simply there to encourage and support you on your big day. Their budgets, families and personal lives should be just as much respected as your own.

Our advice in pleasing your bridal party and things you should never speak to them. Consider this advice when you are planning and scheduling with your bridesmaids. We only want the bride to be happy and the bridal party. This makes for one magnificent wedding day!

“This is the dress I’ve picked out for you and that’s FINAL”

This doesn’t always work. You have to be mindful of the bridesmaid body shape, comfort and budget. We understand you will have a particular dress in mind but if you want to have a wedding that runs smoothly, you’ll agree on a dress vs. forcing someone to not feel confident. Allow them to try on a few dresses until one dress works perfectly for everyone.

“You must wear these accessories I’ve chosen, and you MUST pay for them”

In reality, your bridesmaids are responsible for paying for their dress once they agree to be a part of the bridal party. If you want to add on and add fancy accessories then that becomes your responsibly. Keep this in mind so no one feels threatened or bankrupt.

“My pre-wedding events are MANDATORY, you MUST show up”

We understand that planning a wedding is stressful, but keep in mind that your bridal party also has a family, life and other responsibilities. If they can’t show up for one thing don’t freak out, instead be grateful if they can. Try to relax as much as you can, remember you’re about to be a gorgeous bride.

“You will help me with all the pre-wedding details or ELSE”

Don’t force anything on your bridesmaids, we understand they took on the responsibility of being a part of the bridal party and they know that too. Don’t take advantage of them, instead ask politely and that will get you more help, we assure that.


If you feel that someone in your bridal party is either being distant, not contributing or just ignoring you attempt to talk to them calmly before you jump to conclusions. There could be something going on you’re unaware of. Just keep in mind that your bridal party are humans too.

Unless they openly release themselves from the bridal party, don’t fire anyone, they want to be there just as much as you want them.

We have a team of professional staff ready to give you all the knowledge, advice and planning expertise we hold for planning a perfect wedding day for you.

We live and breathe weddings and all special occasions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us at Celebration Hall today, email us or give us a call at 850-499-2652


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Elegant and Creative Centerpieces for Your Reception

Once the Wedding ceremony is over you can relax for a short breath or two until time for the reception. The Celebration Hall has indoor and outdoor areas that make for a beautiful setting for your reception. Elegant and creative centerpieces for your reception will add a very festive and special touch.

If you have a beach theme for the wedding and reception, consider using shells to hold place cards for names of guests in your seating arrangements. Buckets of sand filled containers make great centerpieces when filled with silk flower arrangements using ribbon for accents. A single red rose, purple chrysanthemum, or other flower in a crystal stem vase or even a milk glass vase can create a simple yet elegant centerpiece.

There are Endless Ideas

There are many ideas that can be used as your centerpiece. Even mason jars can be used in an attractive manner when filled with daisies and babies breath for example. One idea that makes for an imaginative decoration and great conversation piece uses a small log cut in half.

Turn upside down so that the flat side is facing the table. Attach a floral arrangement to the top side using a glue gun or floral tape. Simple glass containers in various shapes and sizes can even be grouped together  for example, one small container and two larger ones. Fill bottom of glass container with seeds or popcorn, add a candle into one container, a flower  and water into another, etc. This is not only interesting to look at it is unique and elegant.

Candles, a Votive and Candelabras Make Beautiful Touches to Your Reception Table

The Celebration Hall in Destin is happy you chose us to host your important day. If we can assist you in planning and any other way, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. Feel free to give us a call as well! Email: thecelebrationhall@gmail.com Phone: 850-499-2652

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You didn’t major in botany? It’s ok, here are the top 10 wedding flowers exposed. We understand that deciding on flowers for your glorious day can be a bit overwhelming.   Celebration Hall is here to help. Remember, you don’t have to be some kind of flower expert to know which blooms catch your eye. We are here to help you choose the perfect flower that will impress your guests.


The Rose is definitely the romantic staple piece to any event. This flower screams that something magical is happening. The Rose is available in almost any color you fancy, plus it pairs beautifully with just about any other flower. Roses make a very sentimental statement. Not only are they breathtaking, but everyone knows that love is in the air when roses are present.


This flower isn’t the smallest of the bunch. Hydrangeas are mostly used in centerpieces and small jars for decoration. They add a most gorgeous finishing touch to any table. On top of that, these flowers pair well with the allergy sufferers. They tend to cause less irritation. This is a win win type of flower relationship.


This is the perfect flower for any tropical setting. If you’re looking for a more casual beach wedding flower, then look no more. They can be used as single styles or full arrangements. You can’t go wrong with this traditional tropical beauty.


This flower is the symbol for happiness. You can’t look at these fabulous flowers and not smile. These flowers are so soft and light. They are the perfect combination for a very relaxed and pale colored palette wedding. The scents of these flowers smell delicious.


If you plan to have a complete modern wedding then this flower will make a huge statement. This flower is very unique and looks almost as a real life illustration. This whimsical and flirty flower is sure to amaze your guests.


You either love or hate these flowers. These flowers come in a vast variety of colors and are extremely affordable. They add a nice texture and can be used to form abstract items. If you can’t afford to deck out in roses, than carnations are a lovely alternative.


Elegant, yet simple, this flower speaks for itself. The Daisy is available is so many colors. This flower is perfectly paired with a rustic or vintage theme. If you’re going for a pure, elegant theme the Daisy is the perfect match.


Bold, fascinating flowers typically confused with Roses. They come in pale colors as well as bright red and orange. These intriguing flowers make for perfect centerpieces and bouquets. Make a loud statement with these alluring blooms.


This flower is making a comeback! Watch out all other blooms. Baby’s breath is very light and pretty. They make fabulous centerpieces and your bridesmaids will love carrying very light bouquets. This flower is overall very budget-friendly. You can’t go wrong with stunning baby’s breath.


Oh so divine and elegant. Make a fashionable southwest statement with these blooms. These flowers are extremely durable and add gorgeous texture.

The Staff at The Celebration Hall wants to make your Wedding Day as special and beautiful as you have dreamed about since you were a little girl. Flowers are just one step to a flawless wedding. Call us and let us make your big day unforgettable and extraordinary. We have experienced staff members who specialize in planning days just like you have been dreaming of.



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The Celebration Hall in Destin is no doubt one of the finest facilities around.

With that thought in mind, how can you better seal the deal? We want to share in your wedding plans and hope that your dream day leads to a dream life. One method, often overlooked is counseling. What could be gained from this? Although the counseling could be a major effort the result could be very worth it.

The process can open issues you may not have even thought about or even discussed. Maybe you haven’t known this person very long and know very little about them. Should you flip a coin and take a chance on a big investment financially not to mention your future. If this is a second, third, or higher number, perhaps this is something you should deal with.

Learn more about each other’s future plans Sharing these thoughts between yourself should have been done a long time ago if you are even considering getting married and it isn’t too late to keep talking about the future and preparing for the challenges.

A successful marriage is something to be proud of and we want to share in that success.

As you bond together in marital unity with open arms and open eyes you vow to love each other through thick and thin to death do you part. Ultimately you could face divorce court do you part should you fail. Following your heart and your logic, not just your hormones can lead to a lasting relationship.

Sure, you can choose not to marry. Sure you can stay single.

Those are the options and sometimes the effort and the work is very well worth the solidity of your vows which you take. Let the Celebration Hall help take a load off. We have the perfect venue for you here in South Walton.