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The Fourth of July is Right Around the Corner

Summer is here and Celebration Hall is booking lots of Weddings, Receptions and parties. Are you planning any special events this year? The Fourth of July is an awesome time to plan a company awards dinner, group picnic or other celebration.

The Celebration Hall is the perfect venue for celebrations and parties of all kinds. We are not limited to just weddings and receptions although we do those very well. We have years of combined experience and knowledge. We know how to plan and make your events successful.

Have you considered having a themed event? Consider a Western BBQ company event complete with haystacks, mason jars full of cold drinks, salty peanuts, grilled steak, baked beans and the works.

Enjoy having everyone dress in western wear with cowboy hats and boots. Hire a country western band and have dancing on the lawn under one of our tents. These type events are not only fun and the food delicious they make the perfect opportunity to recognize your employees and reward them for their hard work.

The Idea For Events are Unlimited

Another idea is a Luau, complete with Hawaiian music, grass skirts, leis, tropical drinks and delicious food. Have a limbo contest or a hula hoop contest. The Celebration Hall is the perfect spot for hosting events of all kinds.

We are located off of Hwy 30-A in beautiful Santa Rosa Beach, close to the beach for beach weddings and parties as well.

Give us a call to discuss your ideas and we can help you with all of the details!

The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. Feel free to give us a call as well!
Phone: 850-499-2652 Email: thecelebration hall@gmail.com

Wedding Blog

It is not too late to plan the summer wedding of your dreams here at The Celebration Hall in picturesque Santa Rosa Beach!

Summer weddings are very popular but you can still make your wedding as unique as you are! IMG_1963AWe will typically see lots of bright colors at summer weddings.  Imagine tables of pink floral arrangements accented with orange table linens or elegant white.  Baby’s breath, delicate lace, crystal goblets and candles make a beautiful table for your summer wedding.

The warmer temperatures outside give you more options for your wedding.  You can enjoy a jazz trio or harpist or a singer with a ukulele set up outside for a nice summer touch. Outside summer weddings can be done in garden themes or beach themes.

Either work very well here at The Celebration Hall. Our lush landscaped lawns make for the perfect setting where you can make your own beautiful celebration. Add unusual touches to your wedding such as huge sunflower bouquets to be carried by your bridesmaids and flower girl. Sunflowers are festive and their bold colors will capture attention and make lovely photographs. bubbles

For a unique touch after wedding provide bottles of bubbles for guests to play with. Bubbles flowing through the sky make for a festive touch.  You could also have balloons ready to be released in the sky.

The Celebration Hall is the place for summer weddings. Speak with one of our team here for help with planning.

The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. Feel free to give us a call as well!

Email: thecelebrationhall@gmail.com   Phone: 850-499-2652

Wedding Blog

The Times are Changing

If there is anything in life that is constant that would be CHANGE. We can count on change occurring in our lives whether we like it or not. Those changes can affect us in many ways. The unexpected divorce, death of a loved one, difficult or toxic people that we have to deal with, etc. all create and impact the mechanics of our lives.

We realize you may have some awkward situations to deal with when planning your Wedding and Reception. Perhaps your parents have divorced and remarried other people which has created a new situation for you to think about in planning your celebration. Questions such as where do the new family members sit during the wedding? Who is included in the family photographs?

How do you avoid hurting feelings? The best way to handle these situations is to take a proactive approach. Waiting and letting situations “just happen” really isn’t the best route to take. Think ahead of time about where you want your parents to sit. Talk to them about how you would like to include everyone but still maintain the sense of family.

Remember also, this is YOUR day.

This event is not about the other people, it is about you and your significant one. This is the day you have chosen for your marriage. This is not the day for your divorced parents to display their animosity for one another or to replace one of your parents with a new spouse.

In the family pictures you are not out of line to have your pictures made with your mother and father only. Kindness and respect for others can go a long way and can diffuse high emotionally tense situations.

The Celebration Hall staff is experienced and can assist you with the difficult situations. Feel free to contact us. The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. Feel free to give us a call as well! Phone:850-499-2652 Email: the celebration hall@gmail.com 

Wedding Blog

Your Wedding Day belongs to you. The day is yours.

This is one of few days in your life that you can plan the details and make the choices that set this day apart as special to you and your significant other for the rest of your lives. The best part is nobody is going to argue with you!

There are fantastic ways to surprise your soon to be spouse and your guests! Here are a few ways others have pulled off a surprise at their wedding.

Write your own vows. It seems cliche seeing as to how it is shown in almost every romantic comedy movie ever made, however in real life it happens a lot less frequently than you’d think.

Make sure you keep it hush and prepare some more common vows for the rehearsal so that way you can make sure to really surprise them when you express in your way how much this commitment means to you. One bride decided to perform for her husband by doing a Beyonce routine! Imagine his expression as he was completely oblivious that this was going to happen.

A Marine surprised his sister by showing up unexpectedly at her wedding; he was granted leave to attend. Guys FootballHave your beloved’s friends and family wear something in his or her favorite color. If they have a special hobby or favorite sport you could find some way to play that up as well. You could hire an entertainer to perform a special song that would forever be your song. Arrange for a boudoir photography session for some extra steamy photos of yourself for your spouse. This is pretty much a guaranteed bulls-eye!

There are no end to the ideas of ways to make this day the most special day ever. You have the power over this day. Use it responsibly! The Celebration Hall has a staff of professionals who will work hard to help you make this event the time of your life. 30ASuites

Our venue is one of a kind and there is a equally unique boutique hotel located conveniently nearby for all your guests needs with 30A Suites. Let us help you make this day a lasting memory.
The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. Feel free to give us a call as well! Email: thecelebrationhall@gmail.com Phone: 850-499-2652