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Throw a Party!

Throw a Spectacular Party - It's NEVER Too Late! We are quickly nearing the end of 2018 and time is running out! If you want to have a spectacular party this year for your employees, your relatives, whatever, you still may have a chance to do it. We at The Celebration Hall welcome you to…
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Wedding Food Dilemma

A wedding is comprised of several parts, whether on the beach or in our fantastic old world European styled reception area at Celebration Hall, a major component is the food! It has to be fun, innovative, easy to consume and if you choose to take advantage of all of our fresh local seafood, should reflect…
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More Than Matrimony

“I stand here and promise you my unconditional love. I stand here and promise you my life. I stand here vulnerable to you. In glorious times, I will celebrate with you. In hardship, I will hold you. In uncertain times, I will encourage you. Today we become one. We will work together as we are…
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Fall Wedding Foods

Many couples are choosing less traditional full course meals for their weddings now. There are some really great trends this year. One of the new popular ideas we are seeing on food tables this year are Cronuts, a very tasty small donut served with a variety of tasty dips to dip them in. Candy tables…
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