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Have Your Fall Wedding With Us!

An outdoor summer or early fall wedding, whether on our pure white sand beaches or our lush, tropical lawns surrounded by fragrant blooms, is one of the best, most romantic ways to celebrate your nuptials, while maintaining your sanity. The natural beauty of our coastal paradise lends itself perfectly to a gorgeous event, ideal for…
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Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips

Whether you decide to have your wedding on the beach or outside at The Celebration Hall, you will need to keep a few things in mind for your preparations. Remember, weather is unpredictable. With that in mind it is probably not a good idea to decorate in advance as you might for an indoor wedding.…
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Why have a Wedding Ceremony?

In our society today many couples are living together and simply don’t see the need to make their union official with a marriage license, let alone a Wedding. Weddings are expensive, they might say, who needs a piece of paper to validate our love? There’s so much to do at a wedding, that’s money we…
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Why Celebration Hall

What we do.  Who we are.  What we are about. The name Celebration Hall tells it all. Lashelle & John (Wedding Highlights) from Pure 7 Studios on Vimeo. What is a celebration, anyway?  Let’s define celebration: To observe (a day or event) with ceremonies of respect, festivity, or rejoicing.  Whether a Wedding, Reception, Anniversary or…
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