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Weddings Are A Huge Deal.

This is not breaking news in the least. You are giving your heart and pledging your life to someone. Like all special events in your life, you want yours to be magical and memorable for everybody, especially yourself. This day is about you and you want it to be a dream come true!

IMG_6145With that said there are so many options to make your wedding memorable and reflect who you are!

There are special touches you can add to make yours unique. Everyone cherishes the special touches, especially if it’s specialized memorabilia or keepsakes that they can take home. Some of our favorites included: Wedding Website – A wedding is a carefully choreographed machine that requires communication and collaboration. If one detail gets changed it can be a nightmare to try and inform everyone of what’s going on. This is a great way to add your personality to your wedding while also keeping everybody in the loop of what’s going on. Also great to add pictures. Postcards – These can be very unique and can be customized quite easily. You can add pictures of you and your sweetheart to your “Save The Date” card along with the date and a special note. Everyone loves these, especially with how easy they are to save in scrapbooks and albums. Stationery – You can go totally bonkers here. You can theme out everything from menus, programs, seating charts, thank you cards, invitations, place cards, etc. The level of creativity you can add here is staggering to the mind. Keep it all in one theme or personalize each part to your liking. The choice is yours! beach-wedding-frontThese are just a few ideas based on what we’ve seen here at The Celebration Hall. We’re located about a mile away from the most beautiful beaches you’ve seen in Santa Rosa Beach. We can host your entire ceremony and/or reception on the beaches or at our location. We are also located near 30A Suites which is often used by the honeymooning couples or guests of the wedding! This makes everything convenient and close by making it easier to focus on your big day and allowing everybody to celebrate safely! Best way to reach us is by e-mail at with most responses coming in about a day. You can also call us at 850-499-2652

Wedding Blog

There’s so much to think about when planning a wedding that it can seem outright overwhelming!

It’s the dream of every bride to have her big day be one that is personal, unique and that will be remembered as a momentous occasion. IMG_2663asmallThe wedding professionals at Celebration Hall, the premier beachside events venue on the Emerald Coast, are here to guide you through all the decision making and will help coordinate all your wedding needs. From decor, to lightning, to the cake, to catering and so much more we can help you go down the list to make sure that all the details are attended to.

In fact, to make things easier, our event experts have screened and selected a group of the best area vendors.

Our list includes a varied group offering different styles and price points for every bride’s taste and budget.

Our event coordinators are always looking at fresh ideas and the latest trends to make your wedding sizzle! Some of our favorite ideas we’ve seen lately:

-Symbolic Touches- Like a Sand Ceremony where the bride and groom take turns pouring colored sand (in your wedding colors!) into a beautiful keepsake glass vase in front of their loved ones to symbolize the joining of two people, two families and the unity of their coming together. Then the happy couple can keep the treasure on a mantel or beside table to remind them of their commitment to each other. -Fresh Details- Make a bold statement in a beautifully unusual way with enormous floral arrangements or by decorating ceilings with a thousand hanging ribbons, beads or crystals to add a truly amazing wow factor. Colored lighting will enhance the look further and freshly set a magical mood. Add a dramatic firework finale on the beach, handing sparklers out to guests to partake in the revelry, and finish the evening reception with a bang! -Venue with a dramatic flair- Theatrical, unusual venues, with high ceilings, striking picture windows and roaring open fires are all the rage. Celebration Hall was inspired by the grand halls of European Manor homes and offers a truly unique and romantic experience with vaulted beamed ceilings, oak doors, and massive wrought iron chandeliers scaled to impress. Celebration Hall evokes the luxury and romance of a historical venue in the heart of Santa Rosa Beach, surrounded by the natural beauty of our coastline. Other interesting touches we like include living table numbers like ballerinas with numbered balloons, where table numbers come to life (literally!), and finding your seat becomes performance art. Or suspended wedding cakes which look like a confectioners chandelier. Or our personal favorite, perfect for our manicured lawns and gardens are picnic style receptions for the couple looking for a more relaxed and casual vibe. Do away with tables and chairs altogether and spread out blankets and baskets for picnic-style seating under the stars! 10341561_845507545477930_3375351034329113887_nSo come experience the romance and magic of the beautiful event venue Celebration Hall, built on the rolling sugar fine sands and emerald green surf of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. We will make your big day one you’ve always dreamed about! Contact us via e-mail at or call 850.499.2652 today!

Celebration Events

Summer is here and Celebration Hall is booking lots of weddings and receptions!

10418357_845506848811333_4612940464788497428_nWe are more than wedding planners though, we can do parties and events of all types. Are you planning any special events this year? The Fourth of July is right around the corner, an awesome time to plan a company awards dinner, group picnic or other celebration. The Celebration Hall is the perfect venue for any celebration. We are not limited to just weddings and receptions although we do those very well. We have years of combined experience and knowledge. We know how to plan and make your events successful. 10440260_845507342144617_3672084364794457791_nHave you considered having a themed event? Consider a Western BBQ company event complete with haystacks, mason jars full of cold drinks, salty peanuts, grilled steak, baked beans and the works. Enjoy having everyone dress in western wear with cowboy hats and boots. Hire a country western band and have dancing on the lawn under one of our tents. These type events are not only full of fun and delicious food but they make the perfect opportunity to recognize your employees and reward them for their hard work. Another idea is a Luau, complete with Hawaiian music, grass skirts, leis, tropical drinks and delicious food. Have a limbo contest or a hula hoop contest.

The Celebration Hall is the perfect spot for hosting events of all kinds.

We are located off of Hwy 30-A in beautiful Santa Rosa Beach, close to the beach for beach weddings and parties as well. Feel free to contact us and discuss your ideas and we can help you with all of the details. The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. Feel free to give us a call as well! Phone: 850-499-2652 Email: the celebration  

Wedding Blog

Beach Weddings are very popular especially this time of year

 The Celebration Hall can help you with your plans for your beach wedding and be your back up plan in the event of bad weather as well as hold your reception here.

There are some really great ideas for Beach Weddings.  The Bridal Party may wish to look into Wedding Flip Flops to wear for the wedding.  These are now being made from casual to elegant.  You can find them made with satin and bows, personalized with your name, in colors to match your wedding colors. They can be as fancy as you want them to be.  Another great idea is to buy a supply of inexpensive flip flops to supply your guests so they can relax and be comfortable during the reception.  Uncomfortable shoes can keep people off the dance floor.  These are simple, inexpensive ideas that will prove to be a good choice for your beach wedding/reception. Hair accessories are another great way to accentuate the Bridal party for a beach wedding/reception.  They can be made of delicate lace, flowers, rhinestones, etc., and add a nice touch.

Destination Weddings Along 30-A

Since most people aren’t fortunate enough to live near the beach the beach wedding is usually a destination wedding.  With destination weddings there is aneed for lodging for guests as well as the Wedding Party, Bride and Groom. The Celebration Hall is part of the TopSail Village which also includes 30-A Suites.  30-A Suites is located right across from The Celebration Hall and is the perfect lodging for your destination wedding! Call us at The Celebration Hall for more information.  The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. Feel free to give us a call as well!