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Sentimental Keepsakes

Every part of your Wedding has special meaning. From the beautiful flower bouquets adorned with Baby’s Breath to the centerpieces you have handmade. There are sentimental keepsakes that you can find a precious way to preserve. Start with your Wedding Dress.

Layers of beautiful satin and lace, trimmed with delicate features all over. You could store the dress and save for someone else to wear. Or, you could have the dress cut down and have a seamstress make Angel Dresses out of. These precious little baby girl dresses, toddler dresses or other will be a lovely way to preserve your dress and share with others. Give as gifts for special occasions such as Christenings, Baptisms, holiday wear or otherwise.

Wedding flowers can be preserved by drying in silica gel, pressing in between pages of your Bible, or other means. They can then be reused in special floral arrangements, jewelry, centerpieces or other great ideas. You may have leftover candies or other specialty treats. You can turn these into little gift trinkets for parties, take home souvenirs or other memorabilia. You can put candies in gift boxes, bags or wrapping.

Leftover food? How about donating the leftover food to a homeless shelter? You will not only enjoy sharing you will feed hungry people. There is great satisfaction in giving and sharing.

The Celebration Hall is the perfect spot for your Wedding and Reception or other event!

The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. Feel free to give us a call as well! Email: thecelebrationhall@gmail.com Phone: 850-499-2652

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Weddings Are A Big Deal

This comes as a shock to nobody. At all. Like all big days you’d like yours to be magical. You want it to stand out. You want it to be remembered and you want everyone to have fun. With that said there are a plethora of ways for you to make your wedding memorable. There are special touches you can add to make yours unique. Everyone cherishes the special touches, especially if it’s specialized memorabilia or keepsakes that they can take home.

Some of our favorites included:
Wedding Website – A wedding is a carefully choreographed machine that requires communication and collaboration. If one detail gets changed it can be a nightmare to try and inform everyone of what’s going on. This is a great way to add your personality to your wedding while also keeping everybody in the loop of what’s going on. Also great to add pictures.

Postcards – These can be very unique and can be customized quite easily. You can add pictures of you and your sweetheart to your “Save The Date” card along with the date and a special note. Everyone loves these, especially with how easy they are to save in scrapbooks and albums.

Stationery – You can go absolutely nuts here. You can theme out everything from menus, programs, seating charts, thank you cards, invitations, place cards, etc. The level of creativity you can add here is mind-blowing.

Keep it all in one theme or personalize each part to your liking. The choice is up to you. These are just a few ideas based on what we’ve seen here at The Celebration Hall. We’re located about a mile away from the most beautiful beaches you’ve seen in Santa Rosa Beach.

We can host your entire ceremony and/or reception on the beaches or at our location. We are also located near 30A Suites which is often used by the honeymooning couples or guests of the wedding! This makes everything convenient and close by making it easier to focus on your big day.

Best way to reach us is by e-mail at thecelebrationhall@gmail.com with most responses coming in about a day.

You can also call us at 850-499-2652


Celebration Events, Wedding Blog

Time to wow all of your friends and family

You just got engaged and you have a million thoughts racing through your mind. What is my budget? Where will I buy my dress? Where will I have my ceremony? Well, first off you need help, so to call us and let us be your pillar.  We have the perfect venue for all types of weddings.  We can fit your needs, helping you plan the special day. Our venue is absolutely breathtaking. You can have your ceremony inside in our european style hall, or just moments away on the gorgeous white sandy beaches. Whatever your dream is we can make it a reality.

Get the big picture

You need to envision the exact theme and feel you want for your wedding. Are you going to want to have it inside in our hall, or outside on the beach? Once you know where you want to have the ceremony, choosing colors and your dress of course, will be a lot easier. Which is definitely the most important part.

Be true to yourself

It’s so important to stick to your own personality. You want to make sure your wedding day is all about you and your spouse, no one else. It’s great to have other peoples opinions and suggestions, but at the end of the day it’s a day, you two will cherish for the rest of your lives. When you look back on it, you want to make sure you made all the decisions and were extremely happy with them all.

Don’t try to be super woman

Don’t put everything on your shoulders. Let Celebration Hall take some of that load off. We live and breathe wedding planning and we respect and understand all your wants and needs. We want to make your special day is unforgettable.

Manage your emotions

There definitely should be some sort of side effect warning for planning your big day. Make sure you don’t lose your true character and self when dealing with all the stress and pressure of planning a wedding. Celebration Hall is here to make this run as smooth as possible. We don’t want a stressed out bride. Try to consider everyone’s emotions too and try not to burn any bridges. It’s easy to get caught up in the madness, but remember to relax some also. With these top ideas your wedding is sure to run perfectly, especially with some help. Celebration Hall is an exceptional venue and offers experienced staff members who breathe wedding planning. We can’t wait to hear from you and start the adventure with you. Call us today!



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A wedding on the gorgeous, white sand beaches of the Emerald Coast is amazing because it is able to achieve something that is nearly impossible: it allows you to be relaxed, surrounded by lush coastal beauty, on one of the most important, momentous days of your life.

A beach wedding and reception combined with the fantastic imagination of the wedding pros at Celebration Hall allows for so many fun, unique ways so make your nuptials memorable. From seashell bouquets to starfish decor, to exiting your reception on a boat, there are so many fantastic ideas that’ll only work at this idyllic setting.

Here are a few of our inspiring ideas to get you started!

Bouquet -from colorful orchids against banana leaves, to the addition of starfish and sea shells, beach weddings are perfect for the bride who loves whimsical details. Fill your bouquet with contrasting colors, like orange and blue or incorporate corals or delicate sea fans into it. Be sure to continue the theme into your groom’s boutonnière. Attire -Take a casual approach with a short & simple dress, paired with shorts for the groom. Or go for a more glamorous approach with fabrics that will dazzle in the soft light of a setting sun and move like a dream in the gulf breezes like silk or chiffon. Dreaming of a barefoot ceremony? You can still dress up your feet with anklets made of tiny shells or pearls. And we never met a groom who didn’t like standing barefoot in the sand, instead of cramped dress shoes, as he waits for his bride. Bridesmaids’ Accessories – Bright leis make fun photo props, as are sun glasses and parasols in your wedding colors. Grass skirts are also fun. Decor -Imagine rows of glowing lanterns, tea lights or even tiki torches. The natural beauty of the beaches provides a lavish setting without having to spend a fortune. Use surfboards as tables or 3D art, enjoy a fireworks show on the shore or hire professional fire or Polynesian dancers to entertain your guests during cocktail hour. Carry the beach theme over into your wedding cake and table decor. You can use coral to mark table numbers, and fondant can be made to look like a tower of edible sugar shells. The possibilities are endless. For more fresh ideas for your wedding, stop in to see the professionals at Celebration Hall, located on a beautiful stretch of Scenic Hwy 30-A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Your guests will be in awe when they see our vaulted beamed ceilings, oak doors, and massive wrought iron chandeliers which have been scaled to impress. Bringing to mind the luxury and romance of a historical venue, Celebration Hall was inspired by the grand halls of European manor homes. We can offer a seated capacity around 150 people inside, with many more with the addition of our lighted lawns and patio area. We also have a state of the art sound system and free parking for your guests. Our professional staff at Celebration Hall will help coordinate all your wedding and event needs, from decor, to lightning, to arranging a cake, to catering and so much more. In fact, to make things easier, we have screened and selected a group of the best area vendors, which includes a varied group offering different styles and price points for every taste. Destin Beach Wedding at the Celebration HallWe are located on scenic route 30-A amidst the beautiful beaches of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Just steps from Celebration Hall is Suites 30-A, the perfect spot to start a honeymoon or take care of all your guests lodging needs. The best way to reach us is email: thecelebrationhall@gmail.com but feel free to call us as well at: 850-499-2652. We are happy to put a courtesy hold on a date for a limited time, to allow time for you to make your travel plans to visit the property before making a commitment, without obligation. You will be given the right of first refusal for that date. When you have decided to book your event, a non refundable deposit of ½ the venue fee will secure your date.