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Make Your Wedding Magical

Time to wow all of your friends and family You just got engaged and you have a million thoughts racing through your mind. What is my budget? Where will I buy my dress? Where will I have my ceremony? Well, first off you need help, so to call us and let us be your pillar.…
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Get Inspired

A wedding on the gorgeous, white sand beaches of the Emerald Coast is amazing because it is able to achieve something that is nearly impossible: it allows you to be relaxed, surrounded by lush coastal beauty, on one of the most important, momentous days of your life. A beach wedding and reception combined with the fantastic…
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As Unique As You

Weddings Are A Huge Deal. This is not breaking news in the least. You are giving your heart and pledging your life to someone. Like all special events in your life, you want yours to be magical and memorable for everybody, especially yourself. This day is about you and you want it to be a…
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Don’t Fret!

There's so much to think about when planning a wedding that it can seem outright overwhelming! It's the dream of every bride to have her big day be one that is personal, unique and that will be remembered as a momentous occasion. The wedding professionals at Celebration Hall, the premier beachside events venue on the…
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